I am in no humor for reading now.

My family subscribes to a newspaper.

Andy told Ram about the evil spirit haunting that old castle.

Is it still raining?

I have to design a new poster for the film.

She dropped the glass.

You have to listen to them.

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Too much smoking tends to injure the voice.

He's at church right now.

It couldn't hurt.

Let's see who does that first.

The tomato crop is of good quality.

That's not against the law, is it?

My grandfather goes for a walk every morning.

I don't want that anymore.

You will discuss it, won't you?


I've already told him that.


The site for the new factory has not been decided.


I'm not used to Boston yet.

He never fails to write to his parents once a month.

I didn't want Courtney to help me.

When I went to Tokyo, I met him.

Do you still go jogging every morning?

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Owen promised to write every day.

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You can help me.


Then I found I had left my wallet at home.

I was happy yesterday.

I hate peanut butter.

Japan's prime ministers change rapidly so I can't really remember each of their names.

You should calm down and stop sending us your arrogant comments.

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Driving a car is really very simple.

Julia is unlikely to be here on Monday.

Keep at it!

This will kill that.

He felt an acute pain in his chest.


She has a cat. This cat is white.

We felt sympathy for her.

We must get rid of them.

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Can we please get on with this?


I'm going to find and burn your fucking children!

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We can't see the view because of these trees.


You just have to adapt.

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You must take his state of health into account.

My grade is above the average.

Maarten had the annoying habit of hardly ever answering email messages.


Dirk just proposed.

This is so bad, it's good.

I think Jesse is horrible.

I am greatly impressed.

He can speak either English or French.

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She worked hard so as to pass the test.

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Let's give Gretchen his reward.

She'll ruin her clothing.

We should break up.

Jenine walked out.

I'm sorry for not replying to your email earlier.


I've got a few questions.

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Regular use of citrus fruit will shrink pores and make the skin feel fresh.

Clyde is wearing his soccer uniform.

What is he doing with her?

If you can translate the subject and object then after that it isn't so difficult.

The results of the study were sobering, to say the least.

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The young nurse fell in love with a patient.

The teacher distributed the handouts to the students.

Her property in the country is very pretty.

Brian skinned his knee.

Come here and have a look at it.

That country broke off diplomatic relations with the United States.

Sir, we will have something special for you.

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His chief attraction lies in his character, not his books.

There are few men but know that.

Let's not swim.

She is young.

I thought you'd be proud of me.


I saw her three weeks ago.


"Be quiet Mie," said Mom.

You're a bad influence on me.

I don't like change.

We went to Korea by plane.

The principal's democracy made him popular among teachers and students.


I don't know anything about marketing.


It looks as though Amir is waiting for somebody.

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We're here to see them.

I did not reply to your letter as I was too busy.

Habit is second nature.

We're not going to let Ted go to the party.

Kristen is three months older than me.


Maybe your problem is that you don't know what to do.

You can change your name if you have good reasons to. And I'm sure you have, Olivier!

You may leave out the details.


The price of the stock declined by half in a month.

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They blotted out his name from the list.

I shouldn't have yelled at her.

You have my permission.

Randal is in poor health.

Norm requires our assistance.

Wait until you see what I bought today.

I think it's safe to swim here.

I wasn't hungry.

They are at work.

My mother attached herself to a cooperative society.

Was that a good idea?

She reads.

We have thirteen clubs.

A man is known by the company he keeps.

I didn't mean to hit him.


She sang better than him.


I've told you about Rand.


How long is the ticket good for?

Do they know you're here?

Spend whatever you need.

All you have to do is wash the dishes.

Cris is totally disgusted with Tao's behavior.

Kerri didn't enjoy the concert at all.

We must trust each other, Vladislav.

Toufic isn't perfect.

Guido doesn't get invited to parties anymore.


He will get an average mark at best.

I can't wait to get a copy.

Philip and I went to the same high school. He was a year ahead of me.

I think we've wasted enough of your time.

You've been luckier than me.

How will he repay his debts?

Tolerant doesn't get along with anybody at work.


Victoria had few weaknesses.


He heard that.

Why don't you tell him?

The roof was torn off due to the strong winds.

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The note is embossed with the school emblem.


This isn't easy.

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They waved at us and then we waved back.

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She thinks the world of him.

The problem is that we don't know where Lynnette is.

Hey, turn on the meter first.


Criminals should be punished.


I need to find a new hobby.

We go downtown to do shopping.

You spelled my name wrong.

Just be careful what you tell Pantelis.

My family comes before my career.

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Let me finish my sentence.


Where did I put my coat?

Diplomatic relations have not yet been established between Japan and North Korea.

I hope Graeme agrees.

You deserved better.

Patrick didn't know what he'd be allowed to do.

She was holding a small parasol in her hand.

I don't want you to treat me any differently.

Bale fouled and the team got a penalty kick.

I will help you.


A man telephoned me this evening.

Jake quickly threw the ball in to his teammate.

Theirs is an old family.

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I actually haven't finished my homework yet.